• Aicafest 2016-17, 2 & 3 October 2017, BKC MMRDA Ground, Mumbai, India
  • Aicafest 2016-17, 2 & 3 October 2017, BKC MMRDA Ground, Mumbai, India
  • Aicafest 2016-17, 2 & 3 October 2017, BKC MMRDA Ground, Mumbai, India
  • Aicafest 2016-17, 2 & 3 October 2017, BKC MMRDA Ground, Mumbai, India

AICA Fest 2016-17

"9th Artists in Concrete Awards Asia Fest 2016 - 17" is been conceptualized and organized by Reify Artisans and Projects Pvt. Ltd. The award aims to accolade the utmost level of creativity and innovation, originality and inspiring practices in the field of Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design and Construction. Winning projects are selected by panel of 30 eminent jurors from all around the world.
AICA is a festival that combines awards, judging, talks, presentations and networking, providing architectural knowledge & inspiration.

Award Categories


With 'glocal' becoming the new design ideology that is favoured currently, architecture is rapidly becoming a mix of new technologies and ideas of spacebuilding with a hint of local flavour. But as society has changed over the years, bringing about nuclear families, inward-looking architecture, virtual communication and more; a sense of community has and is fast disappearing.


Interior Design has tremendous influence in creating a 'sense' of a space. A good design intervention will help bridge the gap between spaces in the urban context. Design solutions that go beyond the functional or styling aspect and help in creating a sense of pride, belonging and experience, are invited from the participants.


Landscape can be interpreted in many ways; a green space in an apartment, a vertical garden in an office, an open court between two buildings; the possibilities of making your surroundings green are immense. It connects the inside and outside at different vertical levels. Landscapes that surround, or are surrounded by metropolitan or urbanised areas are under pressure.


Construction sector is booming. For years it has always stood up to the greatest of challenges exemplifying the highest standards of quality and creativity. The credit for this transfiguration goes to technically strong & innovative constriction houses, which have consistently raised the bar.Little wonder then that they have always succeeded in ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction.

AICA Awards Glimpses

2011 to 2016

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Appreciating specialized catagories of Award Categories Architecture, Interior, Landscape and Construction.

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Listen to the world's topmost architects and get valuable insights.

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